TCL are  America’s Fastest-Growing TV Brand. As a globally trusted leader, TCL sold more than 32 million TVs worldwide last year which ranks  among the largest TV brands in the world.

As an industry pioneer with nearly 40 years of delivering innovative consumer electronics, TCL takes pride in delivering meaningful experiences by combining thoughtful design and the latest technology.

TCL is vertically integrated, which means we make every component that goes into the TV and control the entire production process. We are one of only three TV brands worldwide that are fully vertically integrated. What does this mean to you? It allows us to deliver the latest technology and the highest quality product for the absolute best value.

TCL invested more than $20 billion dollars to build a state-of-the-art factory where we make our own panels and build our own TVs, before sending them to the popular retailers where our customers shop. Being able to manufacture the most expensive parts of the TV ourselves allows us to pass this value on to you.

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