Normal Microwave

 Normal microwave ovens cater to all of your cooking needs like reheating, boiling water, melting cheese, making popcorns and more. Create all your favorite cuisines at the touch of a button with Ramtons range of  ovens! Make yummy pizzas, baked chicken, cookies and other treats for your family in these microwave ovens that features up to 6 auto cooking menus and 10 power levels. The express cooking feature will ensure that hot and lip-smacking food is right there in front of you in no time. Crafted with glass turntables, these  ovens have ample space to accommodate various food containers. E-spot Technologies offer the best range of 20 litre normal microwave appliance in Kenya that is perfect for family size requirements. With all the innovative benefits and a sleek design, you’ll start wondering why you hadn’t purchased Ramtons sooner! An essential kitchen appliance.

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