With Grill

Microwaves with Grill


Order Microwaves with grill  from E-spot Technologies. From grilled chicken, burgers, roast potatoes to melted cheese sandwiches all your guilty pleasures can be cooked in. The Ramtons range of microwave grill. Pre-programmed for your convenience, these microwave oven. Feature up to 8 Auto Menus that are so simple to use and give you a range of different menus that you can easily or quickly prepare at home. The grill provides a lighter alternative to frying, with a delicious taste. Rapidly defrost your frozen foods with the Ramtons microwaves with grill oven for household that can defrost by weight or time. The express cooking feature will ensure that you have hot, yummy food right there in front of you in no time. For added safety during operation, this oven features cooking end signal and a child safety lock.

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