Gas Cookers

Gas cookers make family dinners and weekend gatherings a more exciting experience with the help of the E-spot Technologies. A versatile kitchen center piece, these cookers feature a spacious gas oven for preparing large meals and a multi-burner stove for lighter dishes. Bake, roast or grill to your heart’s content, while you stir fry veggies, sear steak, boil pasta or simmer delicate sauces on the gas burners on the cooktop above.
The Ramtons cooker offers a complete kitchen solution, with four zone cooktop, a separate grill and conventional oven. The cooktop on the top of the appliance features four gas burners for your boiling, sauting and frying needs. Ramtons cookers feature easy to use control knobs so that navigating through the stove’s functions and settings is simple. For safety in the kitchen, Ramtons gas cooker for housing purpose has a double glass oven door.

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